Dome Entrance

In 1975, an aluminum dome was constructed with long archways extending from either side of the dome. Within these structures were located the various buildings which made up the main portion of the station. In addition, a separate building, known as the clean air facility, was constructed outside of the dome. Beginning in 2003, equipment from the dome was moved to the new station building.

In December 2009 and January 2010, the dome was taken down. Read more about the deconstruction.

More pictures can be seen in the South Pole Dome Photo Gallery.

Main South Pole Facilities

Gally New Garage Arch New Power Arch Weight Room Communications Building Main Entrance to Dome Skylab Escape Tunnel Skylab Tunnel Science Building Blue Room Old Power Plant Bio-Med Office Fuel Arch

Dome Entrance

Fuel Arch

The fuel arch houses forty-five 10,000 gallon fuel tanks which have a capacity of holding a total of 450,000 gallons of JP-8.

the fuel arch

Bio-Med Facility

Entrance to Power Plant

Entrance to Power Plant

Walkway to Power Plant

Entrance to Power Plant

The "Blue" Room

This is the cooks' territory.

The Fridge


Communications Building

First Floor

The Communications Building houses communications facilities and work space for the Supervisor of Infomation Systems, the Mapcon Administrator, the Communications Technician and surveyors.

Second Floor

The Second floor of comms contains the offices for the South Pole Area Manager (SPAM), the Senior Administrative Coordinator and the Administrative Assistant as well as the Store, the Library/TV Lounge and the Pool Room.

Science Building

The first floor of Science includes office space for the National Science Foundation Science Rep, the Science Coordinator, the Food Services Manager, the Network Administrator, the Computer Technician, the Meteorology Department, the Science Technicians and grantees for AMANDA and ASTRO.

The second floor, or Upper Berthing, is housing. It also has a bathroom, sauna and laundry room.



Weight Room

New Power Plant Arch

Garage Interior

Tunnel to Skylab

Skylab Escape Tunnel