Mountain Tour Arrangements

Tours of the Mauna Loa Observatory may be scheduled by appointment only. Due to busy and constantly changing work schedules, tours may only be scheduled within 2 weeks of the requested tour date. Tours are available primarily on Monday and Thursdays when scheduling permits. To inquire about a tour, please contact Aidan Colton by email or 808-933-6965. Thank you for your request.

Office Tour Arrangements

The MLO office in Hilo is mainly administrative, but there is a small visitor center with displays of atmospheric research equipment and results. Guided office tours with hands-on displays can be arranged on selected weekdays. Office tours have been used in the past as activities for school groups and classes. To schedule a tour, contact Aidan Colton by email or phone 808-933-6965. Please try to make your request a few weeks in advance.

Transportation Needs

Transportation is not provided for you to the mountain site, or to the MLO office, due to federal policy. All housing and transportation needs must be arranged on one's own.

Useful Information

Mauna Loa Observatory is a remote, high-altitude facility. Reviewing the information below is strongly recommended to ensure your visit is safe and you are well prepared.


If you must cancel a trip after a visitation has been confirmed, please contact your MLO tour representative as soon as possible.