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What does this program measure?

Hi-volume radionuclides.

How does this program work?

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The samples are obtained by high-volume air filtration using micro-carbon filters. Weekly average samples are obtained.

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Analysis is done in the DOE NYC laboratories. MLO results are combined with similar samples taken at Point Barrow, Alaska (BRW), American Samoa (SMO), and South Pole Observatory (SPO). Similar filter samples are collected at the other CMDL observatories.

Why is this research important?

Since January 1963, the Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML) has conducted the Surface Air Sampling Program (SASP) to study the spatial and temporal distribution of specific natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in the surface ambient air.

Are there any trends in the data?

How does this program fit into the big picture?

What is it's role in global climate change?

Comments and References

This project is no longer active.

Lead Investigator(s):

Fabian Raccah

MLO Contact(s):

Darryl Kuniyuki
808-933-6965 (x236)

Web Site(s)

Date Started

February, 1982

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