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What does this program measure?

The Global Fallout Program instituted a global network of sampling sites to determine the global transport and fate of radionuclides released into the atmosphere during the testing of nuclear weapons. In recent years, the program focused on the global deposition of the naturally occurring radionuclides, beryllium-7 and lead-210.

How does this program work?

A funnel attached to an ion-exchange column. The project sampled quarterly at Mauna Loa.

Why is this research important?

Are there any trends in the data?

How does this program fit into the big picture?

What is it's role in global climate change?

Comments and References

This project is no longer active.

Lead Investigator(s):

Dr. Matthew Monetii

MLO Contact(s):

Darryl Kuniyuki
808-933-6965 (x236)

Web Site(s)

Date Started

January, 1998

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