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Trevor Kaplan Trevor Kaplan
JIMAR Software Programmer / Research Associate
Trevor is a principal web designer and software engineer for MLO, and manages several research programs at the observatory, including the NOAA ESRL aerosol system, UH-Manoa organic carbon and nitrate filter programs, NMSU Aerosol sampler, UC-Davis IMPROVE program, and UC-San Diego aerosol sampler. He assists in lidar and clidar observations and the routine MLO observing schedule.

Leslie Pajo Leslie Pajo
Office Automation Assistant
Leslie was the principal administrator at MLO. Her responsibilities included managing bankcards, purchase orders, invoices, time cards, travel, personnel, and much more! Leslie also assisted with data processing, plotting, archiving and distribution, as well as the electronic conversion and manipulation of forms, images, and other graphic objects. She provided the staff with software application support, assisted in the routine observing schedule at the observatory, and greeted and supported thousands of visitors and scientists over the years.

Alan Yoshinaga Alan Yoshinaga
Chemist / Safety Officer
Alan's primary responsibilities include maintaining and calibrating the MLO Dobson, the AES Brewers, and the HATS Stelath Gas Chromatograph . Alan is also responsible for various cooperative precipitation programs at MLO, participates in the routine observing schedule, and is the Mauna Loa Observatory station safety officer.

John Chin John Chin
Physical Scientist
John's Primary responsibilities included maintaining the carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide analyzers, as well as flask samples at MLO and Kumukahi. Participated in the routine observing schedule at the observatory.

Robert Uchida Robert Uchida
Electronic Technician
Bob's Primary responsibilities included maintaining aerosol equipment and meteorology equipment, and several cooperative research programs. He also handled facility maintainence and instrument repair, and participated regularly in the MLO observing schedule.

Mike Trudeau Mike Trudeau
Post doc
Mike spent a year at MLO working on the research and development of a polar nephelometer.

Nimmi Sharma Nimmi Sharma
Visiting Guest Scientist
Nimmi spent a year at MLO working on the research and development of the Camera Lidar (CLidar) program.

Julie Elbert Julie Elbert
Summer 2007
Visiting Student
Julie visited from the University of Trier, Germany to work on her diploma thesis. Read more about her research here...

Becki Legatt Becki Legatt
Summer 2007
NOAA Holling's Scholor
Becki came from the University of North Dakota on scholarship to compare NASA satellite lidar data to that of MLO. Read more...

Thomas Davis Thomas Davis
2008 - 2009
JIMAR Chemist / Research Associate
Tom maintains and calibrates instruments for an EPA program at MLO and the Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge that is establishing a baseline level for mercury in the environment, including a mercury analyzer, an aethalometer, an Ambient Ion Monitor, and a Dichotomous Partisol Sampler. Tom also assists the primary observers in the routine observing schedule at MLO.

Steve Ryan Steve Ryan
(808) 933-6965 x235
Physical Scientist
Steve participates in the routine observing schedule at MLO and manages several research programs, including long term monitoring of atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide, and flask sampling programs for NOAA and cooperative agencies at Cape Kumukahi and Mauna Loa. Steve also launches weekly ozonesonde balloons from Hilo, is the primary investigator for the ESRL Sulfur Dioxide program, and coordinated the retired VOGNET outreach program.

  Poai Suganuma
(808) 933-6965 x232
JIMAR Chemistry Associate / Software Programmer

lillian Kamigaki Lillian Kamigaki
(808) 933-6965 x221
Lillian manages the day-to-day administrative duties for the MLO's office, as well as provides support to the GMD Administration in Boulder, CO.

John Barnes Dr. John Barnes
(808) 933-6965 x222
Physical Scientist
Dr. Barnes is the the Principle investigator for the Mauna Loa Observatory lidar (light detection and ranging) and camera lidar (clidar) programs, and the NOAA ESRL GMD Lidar group.