Earth Day Sign

Click here to download the full MLO report of Earth Day 2007 (Adobe .pdf)

NOAA was recently a key participant in Earth Day, celebrated at the University of Hawaii-Hilo on April 20th, 2007. Displays provided by NOAA included those of the Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO), the Mokupapa Discovery Center, the PSC Magic Planet, and the National Weather Service Tsunami Center.

MLO had a wide variety of displays at Earth Day, including charts and important results from its 50 year history of measuring atmospheric consituents, hands on demonstrations of instruments such as a carbon dioxide sensor and a lidar laser, live remote-control web cameras showing the observatory, and much more. Many of these displays are shown below.

Balloon giveawaySteve Ryan and the MLO Staff gave away hundreds of free balloons.

light bulb demonstration Incandescent light bulbs were compared to flourescent light bulbs to demonstrate energy usage and promote public awareness of energy conservation.

carbon dioxide demonstrationThe carbon dioxide concentration detector allowed people to learn about the co2 they exhale, and the relationship between plants and animals.

Live web cameraThe live video camera from MLO was connected to a joystick that people could use to move the camera and view the observatory.

mlo staff explains trendsThere were many important charts and posters at Earth day showing trends and research from Mauna Loa Observatory. Staff was onhand to educate the public about our results.

NOAA tsunami display The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and National Weather Service worked together to education the public about tsunamis.

Radiometer display The radiometer is a means of showing the relation between heat and molecular activity of a gas in a visible way. It also showed that light is a form of energy.

NOAA staffThe NOAA staff present at Earth Day 2007.

See you next year!