Solar Position and Timing for the World
9th Sep, 2009 09:40:11 AM PST   (PDF Available)
The widely accessed NOAA public Sunrise/Sunset and Solar Position Calculator web pages (6,000 users in August 2009 alone) are sporting a new look with added functionality making them easier to use.

Only once per year. Sunrise at the South Pole, Antarctica: Sept. 22, 2009
8th Sep, 2009 03:00:05 PM PST   (PDF Available)
NOAA/ESRL South Pole Baseline Atmospheric Research Observatory personnel, Marc Weekley and Patrick Cullis, will soon see the sun return to the polar plateau after 6 months of starry skies and darkness.

International Scientists Meet; Visit American Samoa Observatory
18th Jun, 2009 09:18:25 AM PST   (PDF Available)
Twenty scientists from Australia, China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States will meet to discuss global halocarbon measurements and science in Pago Pago, American Samoa, 15-17 June 2009.

Flying High for 30-Hours Without an Onboard Pilot:
13th Jun, 2009 04:04:56 PM PST   (PDF Available)
Joint NOAA, NASA, and Northrop Grumman GloPac, (Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft System) flights over the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, and the Arctic Ocean will begin in mid-July and run through August from the NASA Dryden flight center, California.

ESRL Co-Authored Publication Selected as an AGU Journal Highlight
24th Apr, 2009 11:51:18 AM PST   (PDF Available)
In an AGU Journal Editor’s highlighted paper appearing in JGR-A (2009)* data from a 12-station, long-term ESRL and DOE U.S. surface radiation network show that widespread brightening occurred over the continental United States during the last dozen years.

ESRL Scientists Received CIRES Awards at Annual Rendezvous Meeting
14th Apr, 2009 06:27:23 AM PST   (PDF Available)
Twelve ESRL scientists received significant awards at the Annual Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Rendezvous Meeting.

NOAA ESRL Scientists Received NASA Group Achievement Award
24th Feb, 2009 08:51:31 AM PST   (PDF Available)
Twenty-five scientists from NOAA ESRL (including GMD and CSD) received notification from the NASA Administrator that they are recipients of a NASA Group Achievement Award.

Accelerated Increases Observed for Ozone-Depleting, Climate Warming HCFCs
27th Feb, 2009 02:10:52 PM PST   (PDF Available)
In a study published in Geophysical Research Letters on 5 February, NOAA scientists show that the atmospheric abundances of a class of ozone-depleting and climate-active chemicals, the hydrochlorofluorocarbons (also known as HCFCs), have increased at an accelerated rate in recent years.

Most Comprehensive Pole-to-Pole Airborne Survey of Greenhouse Gases Underway
16th Jan, 2009 08:30:59 PM PST   (PDF Available)
ESRL Scientists are participating in the airborne “Collaborative Research: HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO Global) of Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gas Study” onboard the NCAR G-5 high performance research aircraft.

NOAA Scientists Document New Rural, Rapid, Cold Temperature Ozone Production Phenomnon
16th Jan, 2009 08:29:23 PM PST   (PDF Available)
In a paper published in Nature GeoSciences, Monday, January 19, NOAA ESRL scientists document a new photochemical ozone production phenomenon that occurs under cold, wintertime conditions in rural Wyoming.