Compiling the CATS QNX Data Acquisition Software

    All of the necessary source code is contained in the /home/stealth/src directory.  To compile the source code simply type "make distribution".  This will use the Makefile in the src directory and update any files that are old.  It will also copy the necessary files to the /home/stealth directory (where the programs are executed).

    If you would like to force the recompiling of all of the source code, you must first remove all of the compiled code and programs.  To do this type "Make clean" (make sure to use a capital "M") and then recompile with "make distribution".

    Some times it is necessary to recreate the Makefile that the make application uses.  The data acquisition software uses a .spec file to aid in creating the Makefile. Run the program appgen which uses the .spec file to create a Makefile.  Then to compile simply type "make distribution".

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