LACE Test Flight

Test Flight on 10-June-1996: Launch and Recovery

Figure 17 On the left, the LACE GC dome being inspected for pre-flight by Dr. Fred Moore. A closeup view of LACE on the gondola is on the right.

Figure 18 Crush-pads added to gondola. Note the harpoon inlet of LACE is bent upwards.

Figure 19 Mobile Launch Vehicle (MLV) lifting OMS gondola for flight (left). Inflation of balloon for the OMS gondola is almost complete (right).

Figure 20 Balloon and gondola are on their way up to 32.4 km (or 107,000 ft).

Figure 21 Unbelievable landing!!! An upright landing for the gondola about 100 km southeast of Ft. Sumner, NM. Crushpads were flatten by the impact (left). One vertical frame on the corner of LACE was bent by the impact. LACE and its harpoon inlet were undamaged by the landing. However, the NOAA water vapor instrument was sheared off its sidebar. Scientists and engineers are preparing the instruments on the gondola for tranport (right).

Figure 22 Transport of gondola back to NSBF in Ft. Sumner, NM.

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