Description of Dose-Rates Implemented in Version 2 Processing

Note: The parameterization of action spectra that were used for Version 2 may differ from the parameterization used by other researchers. For example, the normalization wavelength of action spectra is often not unambiguously defined. We advise data users to compare their parameterizations with ours (accessible through the last column below) before using the data.

Label in Database 3 Description Unit Action spectrum

Dose1 Erythema (Komhyr and Machta, 1973) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
Dose2 Erythema (Diffey, 1987) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
CIE Erythema (CIE weighting function) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
UVIndex UV Index1 Action spectrum
Erythema_Anders Erythema (Anders et al., 1995 ) 1/s Action spectrum
RBM501 RBM-weighted irradiance µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SetlowBSI DNA damage (Setlow, 1974; BSI parameterization) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SetlowBSI_300 DNA damage (Setlow,1974; BSI parameterization normalized at 300 nm) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SetlowTUV DNA damage (Setlow,1974; TUV parameterization) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SetlowNDSC.txt DNA damage (Setlow, 1974; NDSC parameterization) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SCUP-h Skin cancer in mice corrected for human skin (Gruijl et al., 1993) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
SCUP-m Skin cancer in mice (Gruijl et al., 1993) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
Caldwell Generalized plant response (Caldwell 1971) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
Flint Plant growth (Flint and Caldwell, 2003) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
Hunter Damage to northern anchovy (Hunter, 1979) µW/cm2 Action spectrum
Boucher Inhibition of phytoplankton carbon fixation (Boucher et al., 1994) (mg C) / (mg chl * s) Action spectrum
Cullen_phaerodactylum Inhibition of phytoplankton photosynthesis of phaeodactylum (Cullen et al., 1994)   Action spectrum
Cullen_prorocentrum Inhibition of phytoplankton photosynthesis of prorocentrum (Cullen et al., 1994)   Action spectrum
Neale_Antarctic Inhibition of photosynthesis in Antarctic phytoplankton (Cullen and Neale, 1997)   Action spectrum
TSI-weighting TSI-weighted irradiance µW/cm2 Action spectrum

1UV Index is a unit of measure of UV levels relevant to the effects on human skin. It serves as a vehicle to raise public awareness about the potential detrimental effects on health from solar UV exposure and to alert people of the need to adopt protective measures. The UV index is defined as erythemally (CIE) weighted irradiance, expressed in the units W/mē, and multiplied by 40. Note that the UV Index is a dimensionless number. More information can be found here.