50th Anniversary of the Global Co2 Record
~A Celebration and Symposium~
November 28-30, 2007 / Kona, Hawaii

Day 1 Morning Session Day 1 Afternoon Session Day 1 Dinner
Day 2 Morning Session
Day 2 Afternoon Session
Day 3 Morning Session
Day 3 Afternoon Session
Misc Photos

Day 1 Morning Session (Top) Caption
Andy Smith Proclamation Andy Smith delivering Hawaii Governor Lingle's Proclamation of Nov. 28th, 2007 as "CO2 Observing Day."
Day1AM_banner.jpg CO2 Conference Banner
Day1AM_Cicerone at Podium Ralph Cicerone
Day1AM_Barrie at podium_FM3 Len Barrie
Day1AM_Heimann at podium_FM3 Martin Heimann
Day1AM_Intro to What Weve Learned Martin Heimann, Pieter Tans, & Ralph Keeling in "Intro to What Weve Learned" session
Day1AM_Keeling Ralph Keeling
Day1AM_Keeney at podium_FM3 Tim Keeney
Day1AM_Ken Melville Ken Melville
Day1AM_opening speakers_FM3 Opening speakers
Day1AM_PosterBreak Poster Break
Day1AM_Sen Inouye_video remarks_FM3 Sen. Inouye video remarks
Day1AM_slide from keynote Cicerone presentation_FM3 Slide from keynote presentation by Ralph Cicerone
Day1AM Spinrad at podium_FM3 Rick Spinrad
Day1AM_Tans Pieter Tans
Lunch_Ralph Keeling and Louise Keeling_son and wife of Dave Keeling Ralph Keeling and Louise Keeling (son and wife of Dave Keeling) at lunch

Day 1 Afternoon Session (Top) Caption
Day1PM_Braine Howes Palmer Business Leaders: Bruce Braine, Helen Howes, and Fred Palmer
Day1PM_Braine Bruce Braine
Day1PM_Business_Kutscher_Howes_Braine_FM3 Chuck Kutscher, and Business Leaders Helen Howes, and Bruce Braine
Day1PM_Gaffney Paul Gaffney
Day1PM_intro to urgency and impacts Intro to "Urgency and impacts" session
Day1PM_MacDonald Sandy MacDonald
Day1PM_Palmer and Spinrad_FM3 Fred Palmer and Rick Spinrad
Day1PM_Palmer Fred Palmer
Day1 PM_Slide from Socolow presentation_FM3 Slide from Rob Socolow's presentation
Day1PM_Socolow at podium_FM3 Rob Socolow
Day1PM_Somerville (1) Richard Somerville
Day1 Poster Break Jim Bishop Poster Break: Jim Bishop
Day 1 Dinner (Top) Caption
Day1_Dinner_Award to Johnny Chin_FM3 Jim Butler hands award to Johnny Chin. Chin recieved an award for outstanding work on the CO2 Record as Mauna Loa.
Day1_Dinner_Award_Butler Chin and Keeling_FM3 Jim Butler, Johnny Chin and Ralph Keeling.
Day1_Dinner_Braine Bulter Dinner: Bruce Braine and Jim Bulter
Day1_Dinner Hofmann Miller etc_FM3 Dave Hofmann, Jim Butler, John Chin, and others at dinner
Day1_Dinner Jim Butler & Louise and Ralph Keeling Jim Butler, Louise and Ralph Keeling at dinner
Day1_Dinner_Keeling presentation_FM3 Ralph Keeling at speaking at dinner about his father's leagacy
Day1_Dinner_Mims_FM3 Forest Mims speaking about the Mauna Loa Observatory at Dinner
Day1PM_Dinner Intrieri Janet Intrieri, Jim Meagher, and others at dinner

Day 2 Morning Session (Top) Caption
Day2_AM_Doney Scott Doney
Day2AM_Fabry Victoria Fabry
Day2_AM_Feely Dick Feely
Day2_AM_Field Chris Field
Day2_AM_Kirshen Paul Kirshen
Day2_AM_Lobell David Lobell
Day2_AM_plenary_FM3 Plenary
Day2AM_Schuur Ted Schuur
Day2AM_Ter IFHA Q&A Panel Discussion about climate-change impacts. Ted Schuur, David Lobell, Paul Kirscher, Chris Field, & Ray Weiss

Day 2 Afternoon Session (Top) Caption
Day2_PM_Miles panel Ed Miles
Day2_PM_Ocean IFHA Q&A Q&A session for Ocean Impacts, Feedbacks, and Human adapation
Day2_PM_Zachos Jim Zachos
Day2_Poster break_Keith Koch David Keith and otheras at a poster break

Day 3 Morning Session (Top) Caption
Day3_AM_Friedmann Julio Friedmann
Day3_AM Karl Dave Karl
Day3_AM_Keith David Keith
Day3_AM_Kutscher Chuck Kutscher
Day3AM_Mit opts Friedmann Kutscher Socolow Julio Friedmann, Chuck Kutscher, and Rob Socolow discussing mitigation options
Day3_AM_Mit Opts Part 2 Karl Keith Socolow Dave Karl, David Keith, and Rob Socolow dicussing mitigation options
Day3_AM_Morin Joanne Morin
Day3_AM_Pavley Fran Pavley
Day3_AM_Socolow Rob Socolow
Day3_AM_Vant Hof David Vant Hof
Day3_PM_Peters Wouter Peters

Day 3 Afternoon Session (Top) Caption
Day3_PM_Conc panel Braine Fung Morin Tans Solomon Cicerone Walsh Weiss Panel discussion about new research for a committed world: Bruce, Braine, Inez Fong, Jeanne Morih, Pieter Tans, Susan Solomon, Ralph Cicerone, Mike Walsh, and Ray Weiss
Day3PM_Group Picture Group Picture
Day3_PM_Lowe asking Q Dave Lowe asking a question
Day3_PM_Somerville asking Q Richard Somerville asking a question
Day3_PM_Walsh Mike Walsh giving conluding remarks
Day3_PM_MacDonald_conc remarks Sandy MacDonald making concluding remarks
Day3_PM_Haymet_Conc remark Tony Haymet making a conluding remark

Misc Photos (Top) Caption
Dec1_ Butler taking photo at MLO_FM3 Jim Butler taking photo at MLO on a field trip after the conference
Dec1_MLO_group picture_FM3 MLO group picture, Dec. 1st

Luau Photos (Top) Caption
CO2 Conference - Luau (23) Sam Choy, chef for CO2 conference luau, and Jim Butler at opening of luau
CO2 Conference - Luau (25) Dinner tables at the luau
CO2 Conference - Luau (32) Hula dancers at luau
CO2 Conference - Luau (37) More hula
CO2 Conference - Luau (50) Peace offering of leaves
CO2 Conference - Luau (88) Fire dancer