GLOBALVIEW Carbon Cycle Measurement Laboratories
Lab Number Assignment

59 Entries
Thu Oct 15 15:11:41 MDT 2009
1 ESRL NOAA ESRL Carbon Cycle United States
2 CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Australia
3 NCAR National Center For Atmospheric Research United States
4 SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography United States
5 EMPA Materials Science and Technology Switzerland
6 EC Environment Canada Canada
8 TU Tohoku University Japan
9 NIPR National Institute of Polar Research Japan
10 MRI Meteorological Research Institute Japan
11 LSCE Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement France
12 IOS Institute of Ocean Sciences Canada
15 NIWA National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research New Zealand
17 IMS Italian Meteorological Service Italy
19 JMA Japan Meteorological Agency Japan
20 NIES National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan
21 CESI/RICERCA Italian Electrical Experimental Research Center Italy
22 UHEI-IUP University of Heidelberg, Institut fuer Umweltphysik Germany
23 UBA/UHEI-IUP Umweltbundesamt Offenbach/University of Heidelberg, Institut fuer Umweltphysik Germany
24 SEES School of Earth and Environmental Sciences/Seoul National University Republic of Korea
25 UBA Umweltbundesamt Offenbach Germany
26 IPEN Instituto de Pesquisas Energļæ½ticas e Nucleares Brazil
27 AEMET Izana Atmospheric Research Center, Meteorological State Agency of Spain Spain
28 ENEA National Agency for New Technology, Energy, and Environment Italy
29 PNRA/DNA Nat. Res. Program in Antarctica, Italy, and Nat. Dep. of Antarctica, Argentine Italy/Argentina
30 FMI Air Quality Research, Finnish Meteorological Institute Finland
31 ITM Department of Applied Environmental Science, Stockholm University Sweden
32 CEAM Fundacion Spain
33 CMA Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences P.R. of China
35 HMS Hungarian Meteorological Service/Institute for Atmospheric Physics Hungary
36 SAWS South African Weather Service South Africa
37 SAWS/IFU South African Weather Service and IFU South Africa and Germany
38 UOW University of Wollongong Australia
39 IFU Fraunhofer Institute for Atmospheric Environmental Research Germany
41 GAGE Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment Multinational
43 AGAGE Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment Multinational
44 CIO-RUG Centrum voor Isotopen Onderzoek, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Netherlands
45 MPI-BGC Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry Germany
47 BU University of Barcelona Spain
48 CU University of Crete Greece
49 UB University of Bern Switzerland
50 UE University of Edinburgh Scotland
51 UMM UMM Unknown
52 ECN ECN Netherlands
53 UKRAK/AGH Department of Environment Physics (UKRAK), University of Science and Technology (AGH) Poland
54 LUND Lund University Sweden
55 MGO Main Geophysical Observatory, St. Petersburg Russia
56 NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research Norway
57 RCRSA Research Center for the Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere Russia
58 RHUL Royal Holloway University London United Kingdom
59 HU Harvard University United States
60 PSU Penn State University United States
61 KMA/KGAWO Korean Meteorological Agency Republic of Korea
62 AIST National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
63 CE CarboEurope European Union
64 LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory United States
97 HATS ESRL Halocarbons and Other Atmospheric Trace Species United States
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