In order to use GLOBALVIEW-CO2 as it was intended, users should read and understand the documentation provided here. It is also highly recommended that users consult the relevant published literature; a partial list is provided in References.

GLOBALVIEW-CO2 is derived from measurements but contains no actual data. To facilitate use with carbon cycle modeling studies, the measurements have been processed (smoothed, interpolated, and extrapolated) resulting in extended records that are evenly incremented in time. Be aware that information contained in the actual data may be lost in this process. Users are encouraged to review the actual data in the literature, in data archives (CDIAC, WDCGG), or by contacting the participating laboratories.

Smoothed, interpolated, and extrapolated values in the extended records are determined with varying degrees of confidence. We strongly encourage users to consider the relative weights assigned to these values when using this product.

GLOBALVIEW-CO2 is subject to change as members of the Cooperative Atmospheric Data Integration Project reserve the right to adjust individual measurement records based on recalibrations of standard gases and instruments.

The GLOBALVIEW-CO2 data product continues to evolve. Extended records may change as techniques are refined and new data are added.

GLOBALVIEW-CO2 is freely available. Anyone using GLOBALVIEW-CO2 is agreeing to acknowledge its authors. The list of cooperating scientists and their organizations and institutions is large and would be cumbersome to include as a reference. The required citation for GLOBALVIEW-CO2, 2013 is

Cooperative Global Atmospheric Data Integration Project. 2013, updated annually. Multi-laboratory compilation of synchronized and gap-filled atmospheric carbon dioxide records for the period 1979-2012 (obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEW-CO2_2013_v1.0.4_2013-12-23). Compiled by NOAA Global Monitoring Division: Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. Data product accessed at

GLOBALVIEW is coordinated and maintained by NOAA ESRL Carbon Cycle. Questions may be directed to Ken Masarie (Project Manager).