DB Sources

A source (also referred to as an archive, generally in the case of raw or clean data) is the general designation for a set of records that are subject to the same processing or generation. Some sources are simply aliases for long processing commands while some are fully stored data.


raw is the designation for data that has not been subject to any intensive processing. Raw data exists as a physical archive.


edited is the designation for raw data has been subjected to the full edit and correction system but that has not (necessarily) been approved and put into the clean archive. Edited data does not exist as a physical archive but is instead generated as requested from raw data.


clean is the designation for data that has been subjected to edits and corrections and that has been approved by the station mentor. Clean data exists as a physical archive and is the source of most final data products.

avgH avgD avgM

avg[HDM] is a request for clean data passed through data.avg with arguments to mimic the behavior of 'avg'. Specifically, it returns averaged clean data, excluding records flagged as contaminated, with one record for each hour/day/month, with everything on line one split on cut size, and including standard deviations and counts for each variable.

Note that avgH is normally automatically maintained by data.update.avg, which is called during pass, as well as part of the automatic daily updates. To provide equal weighting for each hour with data, avgD is calculated from avgH; likewise, avgM is calculated from avgD.

avgHe avgDe avgMe

As above, except from edited data instead of clean.