quantile_stats generates quantile based statistics for a set of stations and variables. Each station and variable pair gets the statistics generated (mean, median, stddev, total count, and selected quantiles). Optionally it may generate total statistics for the combined variables for each station, variable, and all stations and variables. It may also be set to generate a CDF plot for each pair generated.

Output is generated to standard output.

Command Line Usage

quantile_stats [--source=avgH] [--record[s]=...] [--plot[=log]] [--total]
               station[,station2...] start end variable ...


start and end

The time specifiers for the data to be retrieved. Start is inclusive while end is exclusive, so all data contained within the half open interval [start,end) will be used. Any convertible time format is accepted.

Additionally the special strings “cleanstart” and “cleanend” may be in place of a start or end time (respectively) to specify the system's known start or end of passed data.


The station identifier code(s). For example 'brw'. Case insensitive. Multiple stations can be selected by separating them with “:”, “;” or “,”.


The list of variables to generate statistics for.


Set the source archive, defaulting to avgH.


The list of records to use. This is only required when accessing data that data.consolidate cannot normally access.


If set then CDF plots are generated for each output. If set to “log” then the X axes of these plots are logarithmic.


Generate total statistics. This will generate total lines for each variable for all stations, each station for all variables, and all stations and variables combined.

Note that on high frequency data this can become very memory intensive for large volumes of data.

Example Usage

quantile_stats bnd,brw 2010:1 2010:10 Uu?_S11