data.aggregate.cpd1 generates cpd1 style data from any data accessible by the DB system.

Uses records.conf to construct the record mappings.

Command Line Usage

data.aggregate.cpd1 [--prefix] [--header] station record start end source


start and end

The time specifiers for the data to be retrieved. Start is inclusive while end is exclusive, so all data contained within the half open interval [start,end) will be returned. Any convertible time format is accepted.


The station identifier code. For example 'brw'. Case insensitive.


The (only one allowed) cpd1 record to generate (e.x. “la_”). The record should be the base record (i.e. la_ even for la_e records).


Selected the source archive to request data from. Can be “-” to read input from standard input.


Enable prefixing the record type to all data lines.

Add a header line.

Example Usage

data.avg sgp h__ 2008:10 2008:11 raw