GMD arranges technical visits and tours, manages meetings and conferences, coordinates media interviews and photos, and distributes atmospheric information. From Boy Scouts to congressmen and teacher in-service meetings, GMD welcomes all visitors and information sharing.


Tours are currently being offered on an as needed basis. These tours are limited to 20 people and can be scheduled up to two months in advance. The tours include a GMD overview, a look at some of our sampling laboratories, and include other current research projects. Due to the unique nature of the laboratory, projects are often at field locations. Therefore, it may not be feasible to see all GMD components on each tour.

Request Materials

GMD has a wide variety of information on our research. We are able to provide, without cost, GMD annual reports and other documents pertaining to climate research and climate related policy issues.

If you have any questions, please contact at 303-497-4891.

The ESRL/GMD administrative offices are located in the south end of the David Skaggs Research Center on the third floor.

For more information, visit the ESRL visitors page.