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Upcoming Seminars

Speaker: Dr. David Turner, NOAA ESRL's Global Systems Division
Dr. Turner is a meteorologist at NOAA ESRL's Global Systems Division (GSD). He received his BA and MS in mathematics at Eastern Washington University, and his PhD in atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin Madison (UW). Prior to his position at GSD, he was a research scientist at NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), a professor of Atmospheric Science at UW, and a scientist with DOE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program at Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL). His research interests include improving radiative transfer models, remote sensing with active and passive sensors, retrieval theory, studying the thermodynamic and dynamic structure of the boundary layer and its evolution, land-atmosphere interactions, and characterizing the properties and processes in mixed-phase clouds.
Date/Time: Friday, June 23, 2017 02:00 PM
Location: David Skaggs Research Center, GC402 (multi-purpose room)
Title: The Power of Long-term Ground-based Downwelling Spectral Infrared Radiance Observations
Downwelling spectra infrared (IR) radiance observations, such as those made by the Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI), contain a wealth of information about the atmosphere. AERI observations for a wide range of applications including: improving infrared radiative transfer models, looking at decadal trends in downwelling IR radiance over the central US, characterization of atmospheric dust layers, thermodynamic profiling and characterizing the evolution of the planetary boundary layer, quantifying the surface radiative forcing of carbon dioxide, and more. This talk will demonstrate the power of these observations, and argue for the need for an extended network of operational AERI instruments.


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