U. S. Mail Address

325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3337

USA Private Package Carrier Address

DSRC, Bldg 33 (Rm. #/Ph. ext.)
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328

Note: Recipient's room number and/or phone extension should also be included on packages.

Web and data
email webmaster.gml@noaa.gov

Director's Office

Main Office
James Butler, Director, 303-497-6898
Diane Stanitski, Deputy Director, 303-497-6375
Susan Abenilla-Brown, Administration, 303-497-6074
Information Technology
Chris Cornwall, Senior IT Manager, 303-497-7316
Budget and Administration
Samantha Middel, Administrative Officer, 303-497-5533

Research Groups

Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases
Arlyn Andrews, Chief, 303-497-6773

Halocarbons and other Atmospheric Trace Species
James Elkins, Chief, 303-497-6224

Ozone and Water Vapor
Irina Petropavlovskikh , Chief, 303-497-6279

Global Radiation and Aerosols
Diane Stanitski, Chief, 303-497-6375

Observatory Operations and Meteorology
Brian Vasel, Observatory Operations, 303-497-6655

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