4th Workshop on the Use of Isentropic & other Quasi-Lagrangian
Vertical Coordinates in Atmosphere and Ocean Modeling

7-9 October 2008

Earth System Research Laboratory, Boulder, CO


Example of potential temperature and wind speed generated by the FIM model.

Considerable development & testing of quasi-Lagrangian vertical coordinates has occurred since the last hybrid-Θ modeling work shop 4 years ago. This work, in both the atmosphere & ocean, has demonstrated further the potential for isentropic & other quasi-Lagrangian vertical coordinates to improve simulations & forecasts of geophysical fluid flows.

This workshop will include both invited & contributed papers on the latest progress in this rapidly developing field, including;

  • Principles & design of quasi-Lagrangian vertical coordinates
  • Atmospheric applications: weather prediction & general circulation simulation
  • Ocean modeling applications
  • Atmospheric chemistry applications
  • Applications in regional process studies, both hydrostatic & non-hydrostatic
  • Theoretical & technical issues




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