NOAA Atmospheric Chemical Modeling Workshop

10-11 October 2007
Earth System Research Laboratory, Boulder, CO


This workshop will focus on NOAA's atmospheric chemical modeling capabilities which are relevant to our research and operational needs and opportunities.


Directed towards NOAA's chemical modeling community, this workshop is an important opportunity to exchange information on the variety of chemical models developed and used throughout NOAA.


  • Communicate current atmospheric chemistry modeling capabilities that exist NOAA-wide;
  • Understand current and planned chemical modeling applications/customers;
  • Improve collaborations among NOAA's chemistry modeling community;
  • Identify future collaborations needed for enhancing NOAA's use of resources and improving our research and operational capabilities in order to enhance assessments and predictions;
  • Discuss the future of NOAA's global chemical modeling;
  • Outline an approach for improving NOAA research and operations necessary to achieve the goals identified in the NOAA 20-year Research Vision.



Host Committee

  • Alexander E. MacDonald
    Deputy Director for Labs & Joint Institutes, OAR
  • V. Ramaswamy
    Acting Director, GFDL
  • Louis W. Uccellini
    Director, NWS, NCEP
  • Steven S. Fine
    Director, ARL

Organizing Committee

  • James Meagher, ESRL
  • Gregory Frost, ESRL
  • Janet Intrieri, ESRL
  • Paula Davidson, NWS/OST
  • Stan Benjamin, ESRL
  • R. Bradley Pierce, NESDIS
  • Ken Schere, ARL
  • Larry Horowitz, GFDL