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June 13, 2017

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Daily Summary:

Tuesday, June 13
TOPAZ data were recorded from 6:44 - 21:00 PDT. These measurements were a continuation of the long time series that started at 0800 PDT on June 11. Warming temperatures (max. of 34 C), clear conditions, and light to moderate winds from the NW. Highly structured ozone aloft with multiple thin layers associated with yesterday's intrusion. High ozone descended to below 3 km agl around midday, but the mixed layer only reached about 2200 m agl and was too shallow to entrain much of it. The surface concentrations reached about 65 ppbv during the afternoon with similar concentrations at the CC monitors.

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Ozone - June 13
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Aerosol Backscatter
Aerosol Backscatter - June 13
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in situ surface data
in situ surface data - June 13