Our Contributions & Customers

Contributions at Many Levels: A Summary

CSL contributes to all steps of the process that leads to fundamental science in the service of humankind:

Making landmark scientific discoveries

Participating in the periodic international efforts that assess the "state of the science" on the topics of ozone layer depletion, air quality, and climate

Providing scientific input to national and international policymakers

Providing the scientific basis for decisions made in industry

Public education on the science of environmental issues that affect society

Beyond "Doing the Science": Communicating with the Customer

The scientists at CSL conduct fundamental research on the Earth's atmosphere, always in relation to key environmental issues that influence the health of that thin envelope of air.

The hallmark of the Chemical Sciences Division is its leadership in first

doing the scientific research

and then

assessing the status of our knowledge on key issues that affect society, and

communicating the results to those who need and want the information.

We go beyond the first step of "doing the science" because the CSL's research on the atmosphere has several audiences. Clearly, one of those is the larger community of scientists around the globe. But the scientific issues addressed at CSL have a much broader reach; in fact, every person has an interest because the issues concern the health and well-being of the Earth's atmosphere. It is only natural that national and international decisionmakers comprise one audience for the Division's research, as they face challenges related to the protection of the environment. Industry leaders, faced with decisions about activities that have potential impacts upon the atmosphere, are another group that looks to CSL for scientific guidance. And most definitely, the general public has a keen interest in the status of the atmosphere's health.