CSD Seminars:

2010 Past Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars were Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Mountain Time in the CSD seminar room (2A305) of the David Skaggs Research Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO

December 8 Deepwater Horizon atmospheric emissions constrain air-water partitioning, hydrocarbon fate, and leak rate
Speaker: Tom Ryerson, NOAA ESRL CSD
December 2
Black carbon in snow and sea ice: Why do we care and what do we know?
Speaker: Sarah Doherty, JISAO, University of Washington
December 1 A Fresh Look at Gas Phase Acids: Improving Our Ability to Measure and Understand Organic and Inorganic Acids in the Atmosphere
Speaker: Patrick Veres, CU CIRES & NOAA ESRL CSD
November 17 The Brewer-Dobson Circulation as Revealed by Stratospheric Temperature Data
Speaker: Paul Young, CU CIRES & NOAA ESRL CSD
November 10 Approaching from Over-the-Horizon: Science and Policy Connections of Shipping Technology Trends
Speaker: James Corbett, University of Delaware
October 27 Constraining NH3 emissions using remote sensing and surface observations
Speaker: Daven Henze, University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Mechanical Engineering
October 13 Seasonal to Decadal Variations of Water Vapor in the Tropical Lower Stratosphere Observed with Balloon-Borne Cryogenic Frostpoint Hygrometers
Speaker: Masatoma Fujiwara, Hokkaido University, Japan
September 15 The Global Hawk Pacific Mission: Demonstrating unmanned aircraft technology for Earth Science
Speaker: David Fahey, NOAA ESRL CSD
September 8 Detection of contrails and volcanic aerosol in the mid latitude tropopause region - composition, chemical processing and radiative impact
Speaker: Christiane Voigt, German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen and Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
September 1 OH reactivity measurements under several environments using a laser flash pump and probe technique
Speaker: Yoshizumi Kajii, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
August 18 Stratospheric circulation impact on composition and structure of the tropopause region
Speaker: Thomas Birner, Colorado State University
August 11 Influence of human and natural forcing on European seasonal temperatures
Speaker: Gabriele Hegerl, University of Edinburgh
April 28 Satellite observations of aerosol: Lessons learned and the road ahead
Speaker: Lorraine Remer, NASA Goddard
April 14 The NOAA Fish LIDAR - Beyond Fish
Speaker: Jim Churnside, NOAA ESRL CSD
March 31 Single Particle Studies of Aerosol Hygroscopicity, Aging and Mass Accommodation
Speaker: Jonathan Reid, University of Bristol
March 18
1:30pm Thursday
Research on regional and megacity air pollution in China
Speaker: Tong Zhu, Peking University, Beijing, China
March 10 Ozone Air Quality Across Large Temporal and Spatial Scales
Speaker: David Parrish, NOAA ESRL CSD
March 3 Atmospheric Transformations of Organic Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Combustion
Speaker: Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University
February 17 Towards Improving and Unifying the Vapor Diffusional Growth of Ice in Cloud Models
Speaker: Jerry Harrington, Pennsylvania State University
February 10 Climate response to carbon dioxide emissions: characteristics and policy implications
Speaker: Kirsten Zickfeld, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
February 3 Increasing springtime ozone mixing ratios in the free troposphere over western North America
Speaker: Owen Cooper, NOAA ESRL CSD & CIRES
January 20 Observations of Bromine and Chlorine Chemistry during OASIS 2009
Speaker: Greg Huey, Georgia Tech
January 7
Smoke and Pollution over the Alaskan Arctic in Spring 2008: Implications for Climate Processes in the Arctic
Speaker: Chuck Brock, NOAA ESRL CSD