Coordinating Activities

  • Compact Airborne Formaldehyde Experiment (CAFE)
  • Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE)
  • FIREChem: A cooperative wildfire and air quality field study
  • A NASA sponsored field study in July and August 2019 will focus on the links between satellite and ground-based measurements of both fresh and aged biomass burning emissions in the continental U.S. The goals are to (1) improve our understanding of the transport of and chemical transformations in biomass burning plumes and their impact on air quality, and (2) improve the ability to incorporate wildfires into air quality forecast models. The current plan includes both the NASA DC-8 & B200 aircraft as well as ground-base mobile laboratories for in situ sampling and remote sensing to measure upwind and downwind of natural and agricultural fires.

  • CSU led NSF/NCAR C130 campaign
  • Nighttime Fire Observations eXperiment (NightFOX) - UAS wildfire measurements in support of FIREX and fire weather forecasting
  • Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory

FIREX in the field blog