Rapid Science Synthesis Workshop

12-13 October 2006

J.J. Pickle Research Campus, University of Texas at Austin

RSS Working Groups and others including: TCEQ, HARC, industry

Tentative Agenda (updated October 6, 2006) PDF file

The first day of the Workshop, Thursday, 12 October, will be comprised of presentations by Working Groups of the results of data analyses pertinent to their Science Question(s), as well as bulleted Statements of Findings that summarize the body of evidence and address as completely as possible their Science Question(s). This should include whatever indications of uncertainty are appropriate.

The second day of the Workshop, Friday, 13 October, will be comprised of discussions by smaller groups around specific topics and Science Questions. These groups will develop consensus wording on the Findings for each Science Question; develop an outline for the written report for each Science Question; select the best figures to illustrate the Findings to be used in the report; and determine writing assignments for each part of the report.

Conference Facility Information

Hotel information; Refer also to a map of the area PDF file with hotel locations marked.

For more information, contact Cari Furiness, Ellis Cowling, or David Parrish.