Atmospheric Remote Sensing: Instruments

Micro-pulse Doppler (MicroDop) lidar

MicroDop ground instrument

Microdop ground site instrument

MicroDop aircraft instrument

Microdop aircraft instrument installed in NOAA Twin Otter

Contact: Alan Brewer

Conical or Vertical scanning Doppler lidar for wind profiles and Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI) profiles packaged for aircraft, ship, or ground based measurements.

instrument measurement modes

Aircraft Microdop Scanning mode (left; 1 rev/profile every 1-6 seconds) and Vertical Starring mode (right)

instrument installed in NOAA Twin Otter

MicroDop installed over 19.5" port on NOAA Twin Otter – articulates for vertical staring and removal of aircraft pitch

Basic Parameters Measured

  • Horizontal wind profiles
  • Vertical velocity
  • Range corrected, Aerosol Backscatter Intensity (ABI) profiles


Field Projects

Project NameDateLocation
FIREX-AQFire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality (FIREX-AQ)201908July - August 2019Boise, Idaho (aircraft)
FIREWINDSFire Winds201807June 2018Lakeland, Florida (aircraft)
PISTONPropagation of Intra-Seasonal Tropical Oscillations (PISTON)201708August - October 2018Philippine Sea (ship)
FAST-LVOSFires, Asian, and Stratospheric Transport - Las Vegas Ozone Study (FAST-LVOS)201705May - June 2017Las Vegas, Nevada (ground site)
WFIP22nd Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP2)201609 September - October 2016Columbia River Basin (ground site)

Typical Specifications

Pulse length30, 60, 90 m
Pulse rep frequency20,000 Hz
Beam rate2-10 Hz
Pulse energy50 µJ
Wavelength1.553 µm (invisible & eyesafe)
Beam diameter7.62 cm
Maximum range7 km
Electrical power120V 30A
Platformsground, ship, aircraft