ESRL Staff

Office of the Director

Last Name First Name Email Affiliation Phone
Allison William Federal 303-497-5408
Beeler Rich Contractor 303-497-6841
Collander Randall Cooperative Institute 303-497-5960
Dunlap Rocky Contractor 303-497-3604
Ennis Steve Federal 303-497-6372
Findley Cheryl Contractor 303-497-6006
Hsia Alex Federal 303-497-6351
Janssen Jerry Federal 303-497-6647
Mascola Mike Contractor 303-497-4487
Reiser Ann Federal 303-497-6634
Rosen Dan Federal 303-497-7734
Rothstein Mathew Federal 303-497-3293
Schmidt Allan Federal 303-497-4157
Stewart Katy Federal 303-497-6005
Tsuno Eugene Contractor 303-497-4605
Venema Sarah Contractor 303-497-6647
Webb Robert Federal 303-497-6078
Wilsey Jason Contractor 303-497-6470
Zezula CDR David Federal 303-497-6088

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