CCAWWG 2009 Workshop
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2009 Reclamation Workshop to Review Current Operations Practices


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Name Organization Phone Email
Kevin Werner NOAA - CBRFC 801-524-5130
Leo House USGS-National Research Program 303-36-5023
Chris Lynch Reclamation(PN-CCAO-YGO) 509-697-5646 x252
David Bowles, Ph.D. Utah State University 435-770-8709
Steven Bowser Reclamation (UC-Albuquerque) 505-462-3592
Katrina Grantz Reclamation (UC) 801-524-3635
Jose D. Sales Colorado State University 970-491-6057
Chris Holmquist-Johnson USGS Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9382
Brad Udall CU-NOAA Western Water Assessment 303-497-4573
Bill Hasencamp Metropolitan Water District 323-496-3648
Rolf Olsen U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 703-428-6314
Tom Scott Reclamation (MP-LBAO) 775-884-8357
Michael Beus Reclamation (PN-SRAO) 208-678-0461 x27
Edward Kandl Reclamation (UC-Albuquerque) 505-462-3586
Pat Fritchel Reclamation (MP-LBAO) 775-884-8358
Pat McGrane Reclamation (PN) 208-378-5215
Mike Gillespie USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service 720-544-2852
John Gierard Western Area Power Administration 970-461-7445
Betty Dinneen Reclamation (Denver) 303-45-3029
Dave Kanzer Colorado River District 970-945-8522
Warren Sharp Reclamation (Albuquerque) 505-462-3637
Bill Fiedler Reclamation (Denver) 303-445-3248
Heather Patno Reclamation (UC) 801-524-3883
Beth Faber USACE Hydrological Engineering Center 530-756-1104 x335
Scott Guenthner Reclamation (GP) 406-247-7736
Michael Tansey Reclamation (MP) 916-978-5197
David Raff Reclamation (Denver) 303-445-2461
W. Paul Miller Reclamation (LC) 702-293-8381
Veva Deheza Colorado Water Conservation Board 303-866-3441 x3226
Andrea Ray, Ph.D. NOAA - ESRL 303-497-6434
Peter Dickerson USACE Portland District 503-808-4964
Jim Prairie Reclamation (UC) 303-492-8572
Tom Perkins USDA-NRCS-NWCC 503-414-3059
Rod Wittler Reclamation (MP) 530-262-3670
Kristen Averyt Western Water Assessment 303-497-4344
Margaret Matter Colorado State University 970-491-7620
Thomas Maher Southern Nevada Water Authority 702-862-3702
John Lhotak NOAA - NWS - CBRFC 801-524-5130 x341
Carly Jerla Reclamation (LC) 303-735-1729
David J. Williams, Ph.D. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 918-669-7091
Mike Reddy USGS-WRD-NRP 303-236-5021
Chuck Hennig Reclamation (Denver) 303-445-2134
Bret Bruce USGS 303-236-4902
Ted Day Reclamation (PN) 208-378-5273
Karen Weghorst Reclamation (Denver) 303-445-2548
Don Campbell USGS 303-236-4882 x298
Mary Mellema Reclamation (PN) 208-378-5118
Rick Koehler NOAA - NWS 303-497-8369
Edith Zagona University of Colorado (CADSWES) 303-492-2189
Joseph Barsugli NOAA 303-497-6042
Kieran Bhatia NOAA 301-221-9638