CCAWWG 2008 Workshop
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2008 Workshop on Climate Change and Western Water Management
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Gordon Aycock Reclamation 406-245-1154
Ray Bark Reclamation 303-445-2204
Katie Bartojay Reclamation 303-445-2374
Brian Becker Reclamation 303-445-2776
Tom Bellinger Reclamation 303-445-2528
Levi Brekke Reclamation 303-445-2494
Curt Brown Reclamation 303-445-2098
Ryan Christianson Reclamation 970-385-6590
Nancy Coulam Reclamation 801-524-3684
Art Coykendall Reclamation 303-445-2915
Gary Davis Reclamation 406-247-7717
Patrick J. Erger Reclamation 406-247-7755
David Fisher Reclamation 303-445-2542
Terry Fulp Reclamation 702-290-6714
Ron Ganzfried Reclamation 916-978-5073
Katrina Grantz Reclamation 801-524-3635
Alan Harrison Reclamation 303-445-2459
Chuck Hennig Reclamation 303-445-2134
Greg Hiemenz Reclamation 701-221-1273
Cindy Hoeft Reclamation 928-210-6247
Shane Hunt Reclamation 916-978-5042
Dan Lechefsky Reclamation 208-378-5039
Joe Lyons Reclamation 303-445-2531
Patrick Mangan Reclamation 303-445-2236
Avra Morgan Reclamation 303-445-2906
Nancy Parker Reclamation 303-445-2532
Jim Prairie Reclamation 303-492-8572
David Raff Reclamation 303-445-2461
John Roache Reclamation 208-378-5271
Lesa Stark Reclamation 208-383-2260
Leslie Stillwater Reclamation 208-378-5202
Michael Tansey Reclamation 916-978-5197
Dennis Watt Reclamation 702-293-8180
Karl Wunderlich Reclamation 303-445-3636
Lesleigh Anderson USGS 303-236-1296
Elisabeth Brouwers USGS 303-236-2730 x251
Bret Bruce USGS 303-445-4613
Nina Burkardt USGS 970-226-9275
Warren Day USGS 303-236-6484
Frank D'Erchia USGS 303-202-4740
Jack Fordham USGS/RMGSC 303-202-4307
John Hamill USGS/GCMRC 928-556-7364 JHAMILL@USGS.GOV
Dave Hamilton USGS 970-226-9383
Lauren Hay USGS 303-236-7279
Dave Hester USGS 303-202-4318
Leo B. House USGS/NRP 303-236-5023
Jim Kircher Colorado Water Science Ctr 303-236-4882 x258
Andrew Manning USGS 303-236-1812
Greg McCabe USGS 303-236-7278
Michael M. Reddy USGS/WRD 303-236-5021
Mark B. Shasby USGS 970-226-9201
Randall Updike USGS 303-236-5438
Jim Verdin USGS 303-497-6930
Michael Alexander NOAA 303-497-6030
Anatta NOAA 303-497-6288
Jian-Wen Bao NOAA/OAR/ESRL 303-497-5240
Joe Barsugli NOAA 303-497-6042
Barb DeLuisi NOAA/ESRL/PSD 303-497-4233
Tom Hamill NOAA/ESRL 303-497-3060
Michelle L'Heureux NOAA/CPC 301-763-8000 x7019
Allison McComiskey NOAA 303-497-6189
Marty Ralph NOAA/ESRL 303-497-7099
Andrea J. Ray NOAA/ESRL 303-497-6434
Jim Todd NOAA 301-734-1258
Robert Webb NOAA 303-497-6967
Klaus Wolter NOAA/ESRL 303-497-6340
Dong-Jun (DJ) Seo NOAA/NWS/OHD 301-713-0640 x116
Kevin Werner NOAA 801-524-5131
  Corps of Engineers
Larry Murphy Corps of Engineers 402-697-2685
Rolf Olsen Corps of Engineers 703-482-6314
John Rael Corps of Engineers 817-886-1545
Stu Townsley Corps of Engineers 916-557-7109
Seshu Vaddey Corps of Engineers 503-808-4829
Randy Wortman Corps of Engineers 503-808-3957
  US Forest Service
Polly Hays US Forest Service 303-275-5096
Rob Hubbard US Forest Service 970-498-1260
Randy Karstaedt US Forest Service 303-275-5374
Chuck Rhoades US Forest Service 970-498-1250
Jean Thomas US Forest Service 202-205-1172
  Other Affiliations
Donald Anderson FWS 303-236-4484
Daniel Ferguson CLIMAS / U of AZ 520-622-8918
Adrienne Pilmanis BLM 503-808-6604
Brad Udall Western Water Assessment 303-497-4573