CCAWWG 2008 Workshop
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2008 Workshop on Climate Change and Western Water Management
Hampton Inn Hotel
Hampton Inn Denver West Federal Center
Denver Federal Center sign
Sign at Denver Federal Center Entrance


Reserve your room by February 8th! A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hampton Inn at 137 Union Blvd at a special below per diem rate of $129. To reserve your room, call the Hampton Inn at 303-969-9900 and ask for reservations. Request the block room rate for the "BOR Climate Change" conference. Visit the Hampton Inn website for more information.


The workshop will be held in the Powell Conference Room of Building 810 at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, CO.

Directions: Enter Building 810 on the south at Entrance S13 or west at Entrance W5. Enter the Federal Center through Gate 5 on Union Street. Gate 5 is across Union Blvd. from the Hampton Inn.

Food and Refreshment Charge

We have arranged for lunches to be catered into our workshop on Feb 20-21. We have also arranged for a social gathering at the Hampton Inn from 5:00 to 7:00 on Wednesday evening. We will serve Hors D'oeuvres and refreshments at the social gathering. We will also provide snacks, coffee, and other beverages during the "Breaks" throughout our workshop. As you know, we are federal employees and the U.S. Government can't pay for this.

To cover these costs, we will be collecting the following charges from you as you register for the workshop. Registration starts at 11:00 a.m. at the workshop.

Base Charge for all participants: Snacks and refreshments during break..........$5
Optional but highly encouraged activities:
Day 1 Lunch..................................$10
Day 2 Lunch..................................$10
February 20 Social Gathering.......$10


Questions on logistics should be directed to Janet Montano at 303-445-2133

Alternate contact: Kathy Reed at 303-202-4740