CCAWWG 2008 Workshop
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2008 Workshop on Climate Change and Western Water Management

Climate Predictions Applications Postdoctoral Program (CPAPP)

Submitted by Brad Udall, 02/25/08
Official announcement:

This is an opportunity to jointly fund a postdoctoral researcher who would be housed both at your institution and at a 'science institution' to work on a climate-related problem of mutual interest for 1 year with a possible 1 year extension.

The science institution could be NOAA, a local university, or even somewhere else with the requisite talent to mentor the postdoc. Ideally, this institution should be fairly close to your home locale but this is not a requirement.

A joint statement of intent (i.e. both Decision-Making Institution and Science Institution) is due by July 1, 2008.

For more information, contact: Lisa Goddard or Brad Udall