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ESRL Physical Sciences Division Seminars 2016

IMPORTANT: As of July 21, 2014, Visitor Center Security will no longer be able to accept IDs from some US states for site access. Please see security procedures for details.

PSD holds seminars in two locations: The PSD South Conference Room (1D403) and the Multipurpose Room (GC402) at the David Skaggs Research Center. All seminar attendees, including pedestrians and bike riders, are required to receive a Visitor Badge from the Visitor Center at the Boulder Dept. of Commerce facilities. Seminar attendees will need to present a valid U.S. photo ID or their Permanent Resident Alien card. If you are a Foreign National without permanent residency please email the seminar coordinator* at least 48 hours prior to the seminar to provide information required for security purposes. You will need to present your passport when you check in at the Visitor Center. Please allow extra time to accommodate these procedures. If you have any questions or are interested in presenting a seminar, please contact : Madeline Sturgill (303-497-5223) .

Date Seminar
17 May 2016
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Naoko Sakaeda, PSD Atmosphere-Ocean Processes Team
The Variability of the Tropical Diurnal Cycle Associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation [Abstract]

Antonietta Capotondi, PSD Dynamics and Multiscale Interactions Team
Optimal Precursors of ENSO Diversity [Abstract]
Room 2A-305 (Coordinator: Rich Lataitis)
19 Apr 2016
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Kelly Mahoney, PSD Hydrometeorology Modeling and Applications Team
Examining terrain elevation assumptions used in current extreme precipitation estimation practices: A modeling study of the 2013 Colorado Front Range floods [Abstract]

Tom Hamill, PSD Forecast and Modeling Development Team
How bad can a one-hour forecast be? [Abstract]
Room 2A305 (Coordinator: Rich Lataitis)
05 Apr 2016
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Jim Wilczak,
The Second Wind Forecast Improvement Project: Overview and Connection to the PSD Columbia Gorge Integrated Project​ [Abstract]

Ola Persson​,
Surface Energy Fluxes During Arctic Freeze-Up [Abstract]
Room 2A-305 (Coordinator: Rich)
15 Mar 2016
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Ji-Eun Kim ,
Wave influence on tropical high cirrus clouds as observed by the Global Hawk​ [Abstract]

Lantao Sun,
What caused the recent "Warm Arctic, Cold Continents" trend pattern in winter temperatures?​ [Abstract]
Room 2A-305 (Coordinator: Rich)
25 Feb 2016
Thursday, 10:30 am
Kelly Ryan, University of Miami
OSSE Evaluation of Aircraft Reconnaissance Flight Patterns and their impact on Hurricane Forecasts [Abstract]
Room 2A305 (Coordinator: Babs)
17 Feb 2016
Wednesday, 3:00 pm
Brian Henn, University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Using Indirect Observations to Infer Patterns of Precipitation in the Sierra Nevada [Abstract]
Room 1D-403 (Coordinator: Babs)
11 Feb 2016
Thursday, 2:00 pm
Lance F. Bosart, The University at Albany/SUNY
Predictability Challenges Associated with Significant North American Weather Events during Winter 2014–2015 [Abstract]
Room 1D-403 (Coordinator: Maddie)
08 Feb 2016
Monday, 2:00 pm
Jonghun Kam, Cooperative Institute for Climate Science, Princeton, NJ, 08540 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA, Princeton, NJ, 08540
Attribution Assessment for Recent Climate Extremes: Record Annual Mean Warmth during 2014 and the 2011-14 California Drought [Abstract]
Room 1D-403 (Coordinator: babs)

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