During the experiment a number of radiosondes were launched. The ARM Operational Balloon Borne Sounding System radiosondes (BBSS) were launched daily at 2300 UTC at the Great White. These systems used the Vaisala RS90 humidity elements. In addition, at the ARM Duplex, about 1 mile to the north from the Great White, BBSSs were launched four-times daily (500, 1100, 1700, and 2300 UTC). The synoptic radiosondes from the US National Weather Service (1100 and 2300 UTC) were also archived. Finally, during clear conditions, ten dual-sonde launches were conducted at the ARM Duplex. For these releases, five during the day and five during the night, the Chilled Mirror "Snow White" sondes were attached to the same balloon that carrier the BBSS sensor. For the month of the experiment, a total of 220 soundings were taken.

Comparisons of Radiosondes
Comparisons of Radiosondes, including dual-sonde launch, on March 15 at 2300 UTC, Barrow, Alaska when four systems were launched at the same time.