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Program Status for 25 January 2001 : IOP 03

Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes


Jan 25 1500 PST Intensive Operation Period (IOP) 3 completed.
Next update 1500 PST 26 January 2001.
Jan 25 1410 PST Aircraft Observation: 36.9N 123.5W at 850mb, Temp=3.1 C, winds 54kt 251deg, mixing ratio = 5.5g/kg, theta E = 305K.
Jan 25 1350 PST Aircraft heading 224deg, riding along ncfr trying to find weakness to punch thru.

NCFR echo intensities 50dbz at 37deg18minN 123deg19min
Echo top at ~6km, winds at 2150UTC (on "cold" side) 22kt 295deg at 976mb

Will punch thru ncfr and head SE to MRY by 2:30pm.

Jan 25 1320 PST Currently sampling near coast at 38deg49minN 123deg49minW plan on trackingSE toward MRY at 3000ft just before end of mission.

At 38deg46minN 123deg46minW AT 976mb... winds 7kt, 178deg

Expect to return to MRY around 1430 PST.

Jan 25 1250 PST At 36.5 N 124.75 W there is a discontinuity in NCFR , 40-80 km broad of moderate precip, with 35-45 dBZ echos, which weakens at 36.5 N 125 W then intensifies south of that location.
Jan 25 1223 PST We have been riding SW and NE along the NFCR currently we are on "cold" side at 37deg11minN 124deg23minW heading 38deg conditions winds 45kt 282deg at 948mb

Tail radar out now, have LF radar only.

Jan 25 1150 PST NCFR Update at 1950UTC at 36.8degN 124.8degW
45 dbz echo max, 6-7km echo top
NCFR loses definition for 40km from 36.5degN 124.75degW to 36.5N 125degW

LLJ info: 45kt 236deg 6.0 g/kg thetE 306K
rainband orient NE-SW

Jan 25 1120 PST Narrow cold frontal rainband (NCFR) echo exceeds 55dbz,
echo top greater than 10km
NCFR echos exceeding 55dbz all along NCFR, NOT isolated.
Phase speed estimate 20 kts heading toward SE.

Low level Jet: Winds 60-65kt 210deg, mixing ratio 6.5 g/kg, theta e 304K

Rainband info: NE-SW orientation, straightens out after extends beyond LF radar range (at leat 70km SW)

Jan 25 0810 PST NCFR summary: 38.4degN 125.5degW, echo tops 10km, reflectvity 50-55dbz orientation NE-SW curving more SW
NCFR freezing level info:
cold side 5500 ft
warm side 6700 ft
winds on cold side: 50kt 260deg

LLJ summary: 55 kt 200 deg 7.2 g/kg

Jan 25 0813 PST Waterspout at 1613 UTC 38.5N 125.4W
Front at 16:15UTC at 38deg32min 125deg 12min W
Winds were 192deg 52kt at 978 mb at 1615 UTC at above position
What we were calling ncfr appears to be cold front

Currently heading south 177deg at 977 mb winds 51kt, 194deg at 38.2' N 125.1' W

Jan 25 7:59 PST Air is much less turbulent as we continue to track 288deg away from ncfr.
Jan 25 0756 PST Winds at 875 mb 254deg 48 kts at 15:56 UTC. Max winds at 875mb were 60kt east of ncfr.
Jan 25 0753 PST Penetrated NCFR (Narrow Cold Frontal Rainband) at 38 .25 N 125.5 W oriented 20 deg-200deg at 15:53 UTC max reflectivity 40-45dBZ.
Jan 25 0720 PST Warm sector at 125' W 38' N contains weak showers. Strong NCR at 38.5' N 127.5' W oriented NE through SW. Low level jet 48 kts at 190'. Mixing ratio 7 g/kg, theta e 303 deg K.
Jan 25 0630 (PST) NOAA P-3 take-off at 6:15 PST. The primary focus of this flight will be microphysical process studies in the Cazadero and Bodega Bay Area.

Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes

Forecast Discussion 1510 PST
P3 flight concluded. Front going across Golden Gate at 22Z and will continue southward progression this afternoon and evening. Trough will continue to dig southward tonight and models are somewhat different in trof position by 18Z Friday. Eta is faster with trough farther east and deeper. Upper low moves little on Friday night and saturday morning. Upper ridge positions itself along coast sunday as next upstream trough approaches. The AVN develops a closed low off WA/OR coast by 12Z mon ECMWF much slower and farther south with closed low near 39N 137W. This system is weaker and farther N with each model run. So leaning toward AVN solution at this time.


Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes

Aircraft Status
January 26 No flight.
January 25 0615 PST P3 in flight. Mission focus on microphysical process studies in the Cazadero and Bodega Bay area.

Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes

Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes

Soundings Status
26 January (UTC)
Bodega Bay 
Oakland3 hourly soundings continue until 12 Z.
RenoNo special soundings.
25 January (UTC)
Bodega BaySoundings during event.
CazaderoSoundings during event.
Oakland3 hourly soundings requested beginning 12 Z.
RenoNo special soundings.

Status | Forecast Discussion | Aircraft Status | Flight Plan | Soundings Status | Special Notes