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The mean QPF fields are again available.  To access them through the D2D volume browser, first select the regional scale:

Source: Local > locEnsHMT

Fields:   SFC/2D > Precipitation

                               > Precip > Precip Accum
                               > HMT Ensembles > POP
                               > HMT Ensembles > Precip Mean > 6 Accum., 12 Accum, ...

Planes:  Misc > Surface

Woody Roberts

A few things to report:

  • The data communication problem from Cazadero (CZD) has been resolved (as of 22 January)
  • The wind profiler at Point Sur (PTS) has been repaired (as of 22 January).
  • The ETI precipitation gauge at Huysink (HYS) has been repaired (as of 21 January).
  • Surface meteorology data at Big Bend (BBD) is not available due to a datalogger power problem.  It is suspected that one of the surface meteorology instruments is draining the battery excessively.  PSD staff are investigating.

The models appear to be back up and running but the ensemble mean precip. fields are old.  Will check with the modeling folks and let you know when they are back up.
There has been a problem with Jet, the computer that runs the HMT models.  Jet is back up and they are working to get the model runs going again.  I will update their status in the morning.
The weekly HMT-West 2009 teleconference update this week will occur at 1830 UTC on Wednesday 21 January.  Next week, the call will return to Monday (26 Jan) at 1830 UTC, likely with a long-range discussion with Klaus and Ed.

passcode:  7247921

A few things to report:

  • Data from Cazadero (CZD) is not being communicated back to Boulder.  The problem is likely related to a faulty communications port on the data acquisition computer.  PSD staff will be at the site on Wednesday (21 Jan) to troubleshoot.
  • The wind profiler at Point Sur (PTS) is down.  PSD staff have been troubleshooting remotely and will be traveling out to the site on Wednesday (21 Jan) to investigate further.

The ALPS workstation has been delivered and successfully installed in Eureka.  GSD staff preloaded the ALPS software on the workstation and configured it for Eureka.  The Eureka WFO staff installed the system locally on the Eureka WFO AWIPS network.  They will begin testing it next week.
Some instrumentation repairs have been implemented:

  • Surface meteorology data from Big Bend (BBD) is now flowing again (as of about 01 UTC 7 January)
  • The wind profiler at Truckee is again operational with data flowing (as of about 01 UTC 7 January)
  • The issue with the bad phone line at Alta (ATA) has been resolved


Several things to report today (unfortunately):

  • Disruption of data communication from the Colfax (CFC) and Big Bend (BBD) surface instrumentation continues.  Datalogger and/or battery issues appear to be the cause.
  • Disruption of data communication for all datasets from Cazadero (CZD) continues.  A modem problem appears to be the cause.
  • Data communication for all datasets from Alta has been disrupted.  The suspected problem is a bad phone line.
  • Data communication from the Point Piedras Blancas (PPB) surface instrumentation has been intermittent.  The cause of this problem is unknown at this time.
  • The 915 MHz wind profiler at Truckee (TRK) is down.

ESRL/PSD staff are traveling out to California today to address as many of these problems as possible and attempt repairs.  They will likely be in the area most of the week.


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