HMT ALPS Server will be down Tuesday (4/14) for upgrade to OB9.0
The HMT Models and server are back up.  Please let me know if there are any problems.

We will be replacing the FSLC NAS on Monday morning (3/30/09). This work requires that all cluster packages be shutdown and all users log off of the workstations and servers. The NFS mounts to the existing NAS must be removed so all processes relying on those NFS partitions must be stopped.

FSLC will be unavailable from 6:00 AM Monday morning (3/30/09) until 5:00 PM Wednesday (4/1/09). No HMT model data will be available until after the system is back up.  We will update the blog when this occurs.


model runs

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Yesterday and today most of the model runs were lost due to problems with super computer. The problems are hopefully resolved. We will pay close attention.....

The NMM ensemble member is now using the NAM for the lateral boundary conditions.  The NMM model runs out to 72hrs..  The other three ensemble members are still using the GFS and run out to 120hrs.. All four members are used for generating ensemble mean fields.


Brief update:

  • Data from Point Sur (PTS) is now back online.  The problem was the satellite internet communication link; the satellite antenna became mis-aligned due to strong winds last weekend.  Today, the dish was re-aligned and the data started flowing again.

One significant update:

Data from the Point Sur (PTS) site stopped being communicated back to Boulder on the morning of 15 February.  It has been determined that the problem is related to a malfunction in the satellite internet connection; there does not appear to be a disruption in data collection.  PSD staff are troubleshooting the problem.  If necessary, a site visit is possible later this week.


HMT model status

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We have fixed a significant bug in the postprocessing of the WRF-NMM member of the HMT ensemble, effective with the 18Z model run today.  You will probably note that the WRF-NMM precip amounts are much closer to the precipitation amounts from the other three.  You will also note that all four have quite a bit more precip than the HPC forecasts for the upcoming events.

Paul Schultz

Weekly teleconference:

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Quick reminder: due to the holiday on 16 February, there will not be a HMT-West 2009 status teleconference.  The next teleconference is scheduled for Monday 23 February at 1830 UTC.

One update:

  • Data from the Chico (CCO) site is intermittently not being communicated to Boulder due to a phone line problem.  PSD is working with the local phone company to address the problem.


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