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Project Status: Tuesday 1 January (20:30 UTC)

IOP #4 to begin Thursday...

The timing of this system has delayed a little, but is still expected to impact the ARB Thursday evening. We are still expecting a 5" + event (liq. equiv.; 4 day total). Onset of precip in the ARB is now expected on Thursday evening (likely on or after 0Z on Friday). Friday will be the most intense day due to heavy precip and high winds. Also there may not be as big a gap on Saturday as initially expected, though this will be monitored (to give the BLU radar crew a break if possible). IOP #4 will likely end on Sunday, thought there may be some lingering showers at higher elevations on Monday and Tuesday.

Radar Operations (change from yesterday)

  • The HYDROX radar crew should be prepared to commence operations at Blue Canyon at 0Z on 4 Jan (4 pm local on Thursday Jan 3rd).
  • The Sac-WFO will shift to VCP-12 at KDAX and KBBX at 20Z on 3 Jan.

Soundings (change from yesterday)

Supplemental soundings at Oakland, Reno and Sloughhouse will be required for this IOP:
    • Begin: 20 UTC on Thursday Jan 3rd
    • End: Undetermined at this time (likely sometime on Sunday, 6 Jan).
    • Interval: every 4 hours

Instrument Status

Chico still incommunicado (this will be an important site for the forthcoming IOP) -- this will be looked into tomorrow. The usual New Years gremlin is affecting one of our websites (http://www.etl.noaa.gov/et7/data/) which will display one year old data until 0Z tonight.



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