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Project Status: 14 January 2008 2030UTC

Long Wait Ahead

Weather Status: Wave approaching coast of NW US will brush the ARB with little chance of producing weather.Beyond this, the area looks to be ruled by dry conditions until 20-22 Jan timeframe when the arctic cold outbreak that was mentioned yesterday still shows a possibility of wringing out some moisture. Today the models are pretty stingy on bringing significant snow to the region. Along with this, the off shore ridge appears to adopt a strong positive tilt that directs any Pacific moisture rivers well up into AK and associated troughs move up the ridge and then down into central Canada keeping them well away from the ARB.

Summary: No IOP for the next 5 days.

Observation Summary: An RH sensor at Huysink appears to be bad and will probably be absent for the duration of the exercise. Bodega Bay's temperature and humidity sensor are out of action, but will be replaced with the next maintenance visit. Otherwise all sites appear to be up and running.

Decision Summary: No operations for the next 5 days.

Product Summary: Moisture products from Huysink and temperature and moisture products from Bodega Bay have been removed from the web page; for the latter, only temporarily. All HMT model products are operative. Workstations are likely to ship tomorrow to MRY and RNO.

McGinley, GSD


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