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Project Status: 13 January 2008 2030UTC

Only Fog in the Valley; Long IOP Wait Ahead

Weather Status: Not much to update from yesterday. Foggy conditions were over most of the Central Valley. Next event of any sort is the tail end of a trough moving far to the the north on Jan 15. NWP not at all excited about this. With high amplitude ridge off the coast the first opportunity will be a 21 Jan trough coming from the north as the ridge retrogrades . Long range guidance is showing this digging off the coast and bringing some dynamics to the ARB area. However, conditions are likely to be cold with no sub-tropical connection.

Summary: NO IOP weather expected for the next 5 days.

Observational Status: All systems up and running.

Decision Summary: No operations for at least 5 days.

Product Summary: All products up and available.

McGinley, GSD


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