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Project Status: 12 January 2008 2030UTC

A Few Light Showers This Morning in the ARB

Weather Status: A few light showers were active in the ARB area this morning with 0.14 inches at BLU between 12 Jan 14-18UTC (06-12L). This was a bit heavier than the models were predicting yesterday. The weak wave that was forcing these showers was producing more precipitation to the north. This should all be ending in the next few hours. The next minor wave brushes by to the north on Monday 15 Jan with only insignificant impacts for northern CA. Beyond that things look bleak with a closed off low out about 165W and a blocking ridge to the north. The ridge will retrograde slowly and become full-latitudinal, eventually allowing shortwaves to dive southward along the coast and at at least bring some dynamics to the ARB in the 20-22 Jan time frame.

Summary: No IOP for the next 5 days.

Observational Summary: All non-manned sites were up and running including BLU where power was restored.

Decision Summary: No operations for the next 5 days.

Product Summary: All products available.

McGinley, GSD


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