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Project Status: 11 January 2008 2030UTC

All's Quiet in the West

Weather Status: Storm track continues to hold to the north. A minor wave will move through N. CA. on Saturday just brushing the ARB area. The NAM predicts no precipitation in the ARB while the GFS is bringing in a few hundredths. This will not qualify as an event. Most activity stays off the coast after that. 5-day forecasts drag polar air into the Great Basin under strong northerly flow with blocking ridge building to west. No activity likely for 10 days. Long range outlook from NWS visitor Ed Berry and Klaus Weickmann of PSD indicate a retrogression of the ridge is likely as the MJO moves into a position favoring troughs off the West Coast and a more active period after a 2 week hiatus in activity.

Summary: No IOP expected for at least 5 days.

Observational Summary: Good news...Cazadero is back on line as of 11 Jan 17UTC. BLU surface site is still out after being up on 9 Jan (went down at 9/19UTC).

Decision Summary: No operations for next 5 days.

Product Summary: Products appear to be up and running except as noted above. Models have been made more robust with automatic restarting procedures if one or more gets hung up.

McGinley, GSD


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