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Project Status: 4 March 2007 (Sunday)

Nothing to fret over for the next couple of days. Looking to mid-week, a warm but weak system is expected to affect the American River Basin on Wednesday with light QPFs. CNRFC is not overly concerned at this time with any rain-on-snow scenarios. On the whole, this system appears to be marginal at best.

We can defer any decisions about a possible IOP (which would be #8) until Monday or perhaps even Tuesday, but given today's outlook I would like to see things improve a bit before I get optimistic about an IOP. Factors influencing our decision: There was some discussion on today's call about things drying out in the ARB through mid-March which favors a more aggressive strategy. Also, as discussed in yesterday's status blog, is the situation with the Sloughhouse soundings, which have been problematic and are being debugged. This favors conserving resources. Finally, Reno would like at least a days notice for supplemental soundings, which gives us a little time should the QPFs begin to bump up in later model runs.

T. Schneider


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