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Project Status: 2 March 2007 (Friday)

Over the last 24 hours, there have been a few stray showers in the American River Basin, but that activity is pretty much gone now. Our attention continues to focus on a potential wet and warm storm forecast to hit the west coast toward the middle of next week. Guidance from the last couple of forecast cycles indicates that the event is likely to be mostly north of our domain. There are also signs that the forecast intensity of the system is decreasing. It's still a long way out, so a lot can change.

Instrument status issue:

1) The 915 MHz wind profiler at Sloughhouse is back online.

2) The tipping bucket precipitation gauge at Blue Canyon is recording an accumulation this afternoon. This is an artifact. With air temperatures rising above 0 C at the site for the first time in a while, the snow that had collected in the unheated bucket (heater failure) is finally melting and creating tips.



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