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Project Status - 22 Mar 2007

Weather Status: Storm for Mon-Tues looking stronger in latest model runs. Precip amounts for the ARB are in the 1-3 inch range. Models indicate significant precipitation commencing early Monday with most intense period Monday evening. Moisture plume now pointed at the Pacific NW will drop south with the approach of the trof and be aimed at the ARB as early as Sunday afternoon. Models are indicating showers begining at this time. So....there are improved prospects for an IOP . One observation strategy would be to document the moistening of the boundary layer with time as the IPW plume and troph merge. This suggests sondes as early as Sunday. A decision on this will be made on Friday. So to summarize: possible IOP Mon-Tues with an outside chance of a Sunday start.

System Status: Sonde inventory shows numbers enough to cover this potential 48-hour event.

Operations Status: With the call today the HMT Experimental Period is formally over, however telecons to discuss this next potential IOP will continue daily at 1830GMT for those interested. The Status and Forecast blogs will also continue through the coming event. Operations are likely to shut down late Tuesday. Thanks to all who participated in the daily calls and the readers of the blogs.

John McGinley, GSD


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