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Project Status - 15 Mar 2007

Weather Status: Wave in mid Pacific will be focus of activity expected on Mon-Tues (Mar 19-20) next week. GFS a bit more encouraging today with larger QPF values offering the potential for over an inch in 24 hrs. System still is moving pretty fast making a 24 hr event likely. General trend in the GFS is for a stronger wave and wetter conditions all pointing to a likely operation Monday and Tuesday. Best guess on time would be 19/2100GMT to 20/2100GMT. NWS is on board with this outlook and is including precipitation in the long range forecasts. Beyond this event it appears that the subtropical jet is stronger suggesting that the models are "feeling" the tropical precipitation. Much more activity is evident for the latter part of next week. We will try to make a decision on Monday for extending the HMT beyond Mar 22nd for an impending intense event. For the next 72hrs no activity is expected.

System Status: A workstation comms test is needed requiring that high res model data be available. A fire over the weekend took out a Myrinet switch and this has deactivated 64 nodes on Jet. This has slowed down jobs to the point where output processing is quitting owing to time limit defaults. Thus model data has not been written to storage areas and ported to the ALPS disk. Chris Anderson is looking into this and possible work arounds.

John McGinley GSD


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