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Project Status: 24 Feb 2007 (Saturday Evening)

Light precipitation moved into the American River Basin around 23 UTC (24 Feb) and increased in intensity around 01 UTC (25 Feb). SMART-R operations started at approximately 01 UTC. Therefore, the official start time for IOP-7 is 01 UTC 25 Feb. Sounding operations have just begun with the releases for the 04 UTC sondes.

A few instrumentation notes:

1) The heated tipping bucket gauge at Blue Canyon appears to be capped. This behavior started during IOP-6. It is possible that the heating element for the gauge has failed. Although its data are not displayed, there is a hot-plate gauge at Blue Canyon that is collecting data.

2) As this long event proceeds, the SMART-R crew will have to stop scanning occasionally to brush snow off of the radar antenna.



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