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Project Status: 26 December 2006

A significant precipitation event will impact the American River Basin today, tonight and into early tomorrow. Blue Canyon should receive somewhere between 1.5 and 3 inches of liquid. Snow levels will start out relatively high (7-8 kft) but then descend to around 5000 ft. Unfortunately, this event is occurring during our pre-determined hard-down period for the project. We are not scheduled to resume possible IOP activity until Thursday 28 December. The forecast for Thursday into this upcoming New Year's holiday weekend does not indicate any significant precipitation events for our domain of interest. Medium-range models are hinting at a pattern change just after the New Year that may lead to better chances of precipitation in the American River Basin.

Instrument status issues-

SMART-R: An NSSL staff member is going out to northern California to expedite the repair of the radar. At present, the suspicion is that the problem is related to the power generator for the radar. If this suspicion is true, then it is estimated that repairs could be completed by the afternoon of Thursday 28 December (i.e., 2 days hence).

Unattended surface meteorology: The problems with the tipping bucket rain gauge at Foresthill mentioned last week have been repaired. However, we have identified a faulty temperature sensor at Bodega Bay and a faulty disdrometer at Cazadero. Repairs to these sensors are likely to occur during the week of 1 January. Also, some people might have noticed some strange readings from the web plots of precipitation gauge data at Norden and Onion Creek during IOP-2. These issues appear to be related to a software bug in the plotting routine rather than a problem with the instruments themselves. A fix to the software bug is being developed at present.



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