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November 30, 2006

Project Status: 30 November 2006

The forecast continues to indicate dry conditions over the American River Basin for the next several days. However, the models continue to suggest a transition to more zonal flow and possibly wetter weather for our domain late next week.

Instrument deployment update:

The S-band profiler at Colfax (CFC) has been installed by PSD staff and its data are now viewable on the project web page.


Project Telephone LIst

This file contains the telephone list for project participants:

Download file

November 29, 2006

Project Status: 29 November 2006

Dry weather currently over the American River Basin, a condition that will likely persist for the next several days. The tail end of a front associated with a low pressure center in the Pacific Northwest will drag across the northern portion of our domain during the Thursday-Friday time frame, but it is not likely to produce any precipitation. This type of scenario may also occur early next week. The next best chance for a significant precipitation event appears to be late next week (about 10 days out).

AWIPS Workstation Status Issue:

Installation of the special AWIPS workstations for Sacramento, Reno and Monterey in association with HMT is most likely to occur during the week of 18 December. Contact Woody Roberts of ESRL/GSD for more details (


Project Status: 28 November 2006

Precipitation has wound down in the ARB. There is a slight chance of precipitation for the northern part of our domain on Thursday, but accumulations are unlikely to exceed a tenth of an inch. The next chance for precipitation in our domain appears to be at the beginning of next week. Therefore, it is not anticipated that an IOP will be declared over the next several days.

Data Transmission Status Issue:

Transmission of data from the Duncan Peak site (DCP) has been intermittent over the last couple of days. The cause is likely from icing of the antenna that is supposed to transmit the data via satellite.


Project Status: 27 November 2006

The weather pattern over the American River Basin is colder at the outset of the project compared to last year. In fact, the storm that impacted our domain over this past weekend and into today has left about 6 inches of snow at Blue Canyon coming from about 1 inch of liquid. Cold core showers may continue through the day and into tonight, but will likely diminish on Tuesday. The rest of the week looks dry, with valley fog being the biggest forecast issue. Therefore, no Intensive Operating Periods (IOPs) are anticipated for the next several days. Klaus Weikmann says that several tropical diagnostics indicate a possible pattern change in 2-3 weeks. This change would involve a strenghening of the subtropical jet, which would presumably aid in the development of atmospheric rivers capable of tapping tropical and subtropical moisture.

Web/Instrument Status Issues

Web page: The project web page is close to being finalized. We are trying to fix a few bugs associated with the Project Information blogs that we used last year. It is anticipated that these problems will be fixed by close of business on Tuesday.

Instruments: More profilers and surface instrumentation are being deployed in northern California this week by PSD staff. The balloon sounding site at Sloughhouse will be ready to go on 2 December (this Saturday). The SMART-R will arrive in the American River Basin by Friday 1 December and will be ready for action on Saturday 2 December,if not on Friday 1 December.


Daily Coordination Teleconference

The daily coordination teleconference call for HMT-West 2007 occurs at 1930 UTC (11:30 am PST, 12:30 pm MST, 1:30 pm CST and 2:30 pm EST). Access information for the call is:

Dial in 1-866-732-5980
Passcode 7247921