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December 02, 2006

How to add content to this blog

Welcome to the Weather Forum blog for HMT-West 2007. Hopefully, this will provide a venue for project participants to discuss weather issues of relevance to HMT-West.

To add content, click on the "Add Content to Forum" button near the top of Weather Forum blog page. An authentication dialog box will pop up. Please enter your NOAA Email Account username and password (**due to IT security constraints, only individuals with NOAA Email Accounts can add content to the blog at this time**). Then, you will encounter a screen with a header on the upper left that says "MOVABLETYPE Publishing Platform" that asks for a username and password. For the username insert "forum" and for the password insert "hmt2007". Now, you should have a screen with a header of "My Weblogs" . Click on the link "HMT-West 2007: Weather Forum".

If you want to add a new entry to the blog, click on "New Entry" under Posting on the upper left side. Insert a title to your entry in the "Title" box and the body of your entry in the "Entry Body" box. If you think that your content falls into a certain category, please define that category in the "Primary Category" box. For example, I think this message falls under the general category of Administration----other categories might be "Models", "Observations", "QPF", "QPE", etc, you name it. Over time, a common set of categories might evolve that will help organize the posts.

Once you have completed entering your content, go to the bottom, and select "Published" from the Post Status scroll-list, then click the "Save" button. If you need to modify an existing entry, click on "Entries" under Posting on the upper left side of the main forecast blog page. Make your changes, make sure the "Published" is still selected and then click "Save".

If you have questions or comments about this blog, please contact me. I suspect its structure might evolve as it is used more. Please fire away! I hope that it is useful.

Dave Kingsmill